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it s Carl who unleashes the first unshackled gay honour holes load

And the taboos are the interdictions planted in the course of history by the traditional God. Initiates, students of religion and of the esoteric, and several others—scholars or otherwise, including Bataille and his followers—have always traced these recurrent and methodical blood orgies to the irrepressible and unconscious drive, inherent in human nature, to join in sanguinary ecstasy the Dionysian-Aphrodistic pole.

Sir Edmond and the narrator finally immobilize their victim, allowing Simone to straddle and ride him; speedily, she drives the cleric to the climax, and chokes him to death while he orgasms. The gift did not have to be, and should not have been, mutual; it had to be given away, and in time, through the circle, it would have assuredly returned in other form, often greatly magnified by a game of emulation, which triggered a dynamics of munificent growth.

He set out to construe the Bataillean experience, and his intuitive contraposition of power and discourse as an abstract language-game, which would achieve a series of strategic and targeted ends. As shall be seen, this thesis would inspire Bataille, who had begun his spiritual path as a Catholic seminarian, with a number of potent insights on the bloody pull of the Christian myth.

It s Carl who unleashes the first unshackled gay honour holes load
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