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Romantic orientation Sociosexual orientation. Oxford English Dictionary. Look at all 5 to 7, depending on your count of the references to same-sex behavior in the Bible.

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  • After this initial period of instability, the pattern is the same as for heterosexuals, though at a persistently higher level.
  • Thus, young homosexuals acquire their autonomy differently from their coevals. It is clear, from a comparison with the homo-bisexuals interviewed in the ACSF survey, that when respondents are recruited through the gay press the sample is weighted in that they are more likely to be exclusively homosexual and to have more partners than homo-bisexuals in a random sample of the general population.
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This does not rule out the hypothesis that homosexuals may also be particularly upwardly mobile. Monette, Paul. For homosexuals, having a special relationship with one man does not mean refusing all other relationships, nor does it mean moving in with that man. The heterosexual males in the ACSF survey had 1.

Find information on Gay lifestyle
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